The Spirit Of The Display Cabinet Production Is To Better Demonstrate The Characteristics Of The Product

- Oct 25, 2017 -

The spirit of the Display Cabinet production is to better demonstrate the characteristics of the product
With the continuous expansion of the scale of exhibitors, business information into the business growth is also doubled, large Display Cabinets in addition to showing competitive strength, the publicity effect is often difficult for customers to forget. In the large-scale exhibition design process is particularly important, to be around to take care and before and after the response to ensure that the theme of the exhibition display design highlights the style of unity. Its commerciality is far greater than other characteristics, in a sense it is an extension of the extension of business goods. If there is a theme but not prominent, it will not give a deep impression. Second, we must separate the theme of small themes, there are related projects, these content both to obey the overall style, but also a unique idea, can become a wonderful local point. An exhibition, art, science, trade, design and implementation of all kinds of affairs, like a military campaign, a band playing, a drama staged and a film production, if there is no exhibition of the overall Design, unified planning command, is unthinkable.
The style of large-scale Display Cabinet is built on the deep cultural heritage, to form an unprecedented unique style, we must tap the cultural characteristics of exhibits and exhibits the cultural background, whether it is light, color, music, pictures, The quality of the exhibits and the quality of the service personnel are linked to the highlights of the cultural background, and in these intricate links they seek a common fulcrum, and the unique style is arrogant. It is equally unimaginable if the overall designer of the Display Cabinet can not grasp the theme and style of the exhibition. The design theme and style can make the designer complete and accurate grasp of all the information of enterprises and commodities, effectively mobilize all the means of display art for exhibitors to seize market opportunities, establish a good image to provide strong support and help. In the early stages of the design, it is necessary to grasp the intentions, objectives and information of the organizers and exhibitors to convey the information to the visitors, thus deciding on the general framework of the subject and style.
In the exhibition design to convey the business information, and ultimately to implement the model, images, charts, samples and other display media. Show the theme and style, is the basis of the overall design of the Display Cabinet exhibition is the origin of exhibition design. To use a wealth of imagination to create a variety of innovative media, the use of innovative media to show the focus of the show can often get unexpected results.
In addition to the intention of each project, the relationship between the various themes should also be the focus of attention, with the design of the operation and the relevant information on the investigation of enterprises to understand the display of the various themes should be developed accordingly. From this start to consider the venue space planning and modeling structure of the arrangements, began the basic design. In this case, the origin of the return is often the theme and style of the show, so show the theme and style is a large Display Cabinet production is very important when the key. Showcase production from beginning to end by the display of the theme and style of the left and right, by the relationship between the small theme of the relationship with the display space style is also closely related. Once you have decided to display the theme and style of the framework, it is necessary to discuss the information content of each project that constitutes each topic, but must be based on the overall theme of the presentation to discuss and establish the focus of the show, the division of the display area and space and structure, Kind of modeling details. If the theme is highlighted, but the style of plain, tactical and mortal, then people do not memorable. Large Display Cabinet production into the number of business information, the quality of the level, a direct impact on the success of the organizers and exhibitors. If a large display theme is unknown, it can only be regarded as a market trade.

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